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How To Be A Maven: Procrastination Kills Imagination

*photo source unknown* custom edit by Mavens Table Thoughts and Words are as important as actions will ever be, how often have you heard someone say “I had that idea!” … Continue reading

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How To Be A Maven: Tips For Minority Job Seekers

*Photo Credit Unknown: Edit Via Mavens Table* If you’ve ever hit a point where you’ve maintained but no growth has occurred then it’s time to question whether it’s you or … Continue reading

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How To Be A Maven: Think Outside The Box

Photo Credit Popular Science You’re going to hear no a million and one times before you get a yes, get creative and step out of your comfort zone; whatever it … Continue reading

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How To Be A Maven: TeamWork Or Dig Dirt

Greed is good…to quote Gordon Gekko. But more importantly it’s realizing it also clarifies who’s using it correctly and for what motive. We all have ambition (at different levels) but … Continue reading

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What Happens When You Go Viral: On Wanting to Give Up

Originally posted on Such Small Hands:
I recently found out that the hit count on my Relevant article back in June was over 1.6 million. The editor told me it…

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The Case for Slow Programming

Originally posted on Nature…Brain…Language…Technology…Design:
My dad used to say, “Slow down, son. You’ll get the job done faster.” I’ve worked in many high-tech startup companies in…

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How To Be A Maven: Delayed Gratification

Why not sacrifice a little today for a lot tomorrow? Too often people get caught up with the daily grind….I’ve heard “but I have bills” etc…..I’ve been there many times…..but … Continue reading

December 14, 2014 · 2 Comments

Entrepreneur and Business Insight: Trust Your Enemies

You’ll run across those who will celebrate your victories, and announce themselves as your supporters, you’ll run across those who’ll show attention because they need something…..,both will annoy, frustrate and … Continue reading

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9/11: 13 Years Later

Credit to the Photographer 13 years ago the quintessential New Yorker arose again, the neighbor who would watch your house when you’re on vacation, who would open the fire hydrant … Continue reading

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Working Less While Earning More: Entrepreneur Insight

  The American Dream is the capitalist goal oriented result of pioneers and shrewd business acumen. However business should be treated like science…its constantly evolving, expanding and is a hell … Continue reading

September 5, 2014 · 1 Comment

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