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The Successful And Their Dilemma

   I often joke about people faking it for the gram and what not but in all seriousness ladies and gentlemen, success is hard and is only available to those … Continue reading

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A Quick Thought On Perspective

  I’m quiet around some, talkative around others……they’ll say I’m shy I’ll say I’m selective…why waste my breath  Ask one of One of my favorite new accounts on Instagram  @the.instamentalist … Continue reading

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How To Fully Charge An iPhone 6 In 15 Minutes

Originally posted on Abogado Aly:
Could a breakthrough battery pack transform iPhone charging? from Forbes – Business via Abogado Aly Business Consulting

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High household debt could trigger recession, experts warn

Originally posted on Montreal Gazette:
What could be the next flashpoint for a recession in Canada?  Some point to the country’s record accumulation of household debt, which leaves consumers dangerously…

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Teamwork and emotional intelligence.

Originally posted on Apollo's sheets:
Along the last four months I have learned a lot about teamwork. And even more: international teamwork, which is not an easy task. I…

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The evolution of strategy by Sir Lawrence Freedman

Originally posted on Elias on tech, business and everything else…:
What does the renowned professor of War Studies at King’s College London advise Business Strategists to do? Which are the…

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Mysterious Black Stealth Ship Prowls San Francisco Bay, A Harbinger Of Yachting’s Future

Originally posted on CBS San Francisco:
SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Yachts are supposed to be white, so when a dark, angular, $33 million stealth ship pulls up at a…

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Secrets Of The 30 Under 30: How To Succeed When You’re Still In Your Twenties

Originally posted on Abogado Aly:
Members of Forbes 30 Under 30 list share some of the secrets of their success at an event in Las Vegas. from Forbes – Business…

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How to Be A Maven: Be Comfortable With Being Odd

* photo courtesy: online Editing courtesy: mavens_table* At first, being odd is construed as opposite of what’s “right”, you’re ostracized and left peering through a window because you’re deemed different, … Continue reading

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How To Be A Maven: Choose Quality Over Quantity

* photo courtesy of Mr Good Life Photography, Edit Via @Mavens_Table * We’ve all met someone who’s walking around with a $2,000 purse with $20 in it, a squad of … Continue reading

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