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Entrepreneur LifeStyle: Redesign Priorities And Win Big


We have been absent for some time now (the scathing emails wouldn’t stop!) what with redesign, influx of subscribers and our all new partnership with ImSolutionsX.

Alas you know we’ve been busy with the commotion. But today’s article deals with just that….being busy. We’ve been helping entrepreneurs get their feet wet and win big since we’ve started Mavens Table but have noticed all too often the same tired story. “I’m so busy” “I have no time” I haven’t taken a vacation in 1,2,3 years”

These statements are normal happenstance but that’s just the problem……we become entrepreneurs to enjoy a different set of rules; our own. We know that our normal posts and articles are business related but with our new found growth we’ll be providing our members with a much needed tool that is often lost or never thought of…our day to day (or life for that matter) mindset.


The old saying “you can’t have your cake and eat it too” drives us nuts! Why the hell would someone have cake….and not eat it. Now before the self proclaimed literature and or philosophical buffs come out of the woodwork attack us. Think for a minute; why leave a 9-5 and become an entrepreneur only to live even more miserable and more busy??

The happy entrepreneur delegates, executes and cuts waste and isn’t busy….he/she uses time for productivity.


We’ve seen and heard tons of times people referring to “hard work” and “swamped with work” or our favorite “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” etc. There were a few who actually signed up for our one on one consultation and what we found was meaningless and tasks of little importance taking up a huge portion of their work day.

One client we worked with would check his voicemail first thing in the morning. During the day he would continue to check his voicemail, followed by simple tasks like responding to emails and Facebook (he called it networking). Before we knew it, it had struck 3pm and he still hadn’t performed all of our proposed tasks. This is a guy who rarely enjoys time with friends except for Friday and Saturday nights and took some nudging all because he was so “busy”
What the hell? He’s missing out on trips, excitement and his social life all because of daily tasks made to look feel and taste as though you’re curing cancer (update….he hasn’t found the cure).


An understandable yet naive suggestion of some is for “better time management” but what does that mean exactly? A schedule? No. Limiting activities that are brain cell killing and mundane at best? YES

Creating schedules and to do lists is awesome when you’re in school because the teacher will applaud you for it; in real life you’ve just created another set of rules that you’ll break along with jay walking, public intoxication (yes walking down the street drunk is a crime), and not calling your mother enough.

Don’t get us wrong there is plenty a task that we absolutely hate but still (choose to) do. Take for example, laundry….what if instead of saying no to some awesome conversation at a local bar with your friends because you’ve got to separate your whites from colors you have the laundromat wash them while you reward yourself. This example may seem relatively small but you’d be surprised how many would sacrifice a peaceful afternoon for the sake of laundry.


If we have bored you to tears we apologize but if we’ve struck a cord it’s because it’s appalling how many entrepreneurs get caught up in this mindset that not sleeping somehow creates more dollars, and that being busy all day everyday is productivity.

Ever heard the term “work smart not hard”? If you think it’s a bunch of bull try to life a boulder…………..now grab a sturdy stick and a rock…and tell us how stupid a lever is.

Go Be A Maven

Thank you for reading! Feedback is always welcome and loved, don’t see a topic covered? Email us and we will get you some answers.


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Coming Soon!


As some of you have mentioned in your emails and social media. We have been a bit delayed in our most recent posts and we are apologizing as not only life got in the way but the influx of new members has literally made operations a night and day operation.

We’d love to thank all of you for your patience, our subscribers haven’t noticed much of a glitch but regardless our sincerest thanks and apologies.

Stay tuned as we will be rolling out not only new material but an all new EBook!

Go Be A Maven

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How To Profit On Stock Spreads: How Boring Stock Still Made Profits!


It was easy street today while riding $VIMC but WOW did we hit a brick wall at $4.30.

Thankfully subscribers are learning because as Joshua Rolon of Oregon emailed us saying “I’m playing the spread”.

A huge congrats to those who have applied our techniques and couldn’t be happier because although exiting it today was a bit safe it still locked in amazing profits!


Spreads are a term heard by many but understood by few. In a nutshell it comes down to supply and demand. Bid is what buyers are willing to pay for it, and Ask is what sellers are willing to take for it. BUT there’s that happy medium/middle.

Taking advantage of that HUGE spread of $.20 per share was how people made great profits because you see, as much Mumbo Jumbo Wall Street Jargon exists; it’s the ask price that will realize profits regardless, if there’s enough traction the “savvy” traders will bid low waiting on an dip (quick rapid drop in price) to secure their buy in at a lower price than anyone else. And the Ask is what people will pay at Market (by the second current price) and again where there’s great traction……a lot of people will jump in and buy at ask.

Congrats to those who jumped in before we even had time to today and have an amazing week!

Go Be A Maven



How To Short Stocks: Penny Stocks Too!


This one had come up just about as much as the question “what’s a maven?”

The truth is that it’s a lot easier than many (or you) would have believed. We actively love and use SureTrader as a go to for finding shares to short.

Baby Steps

For those who already know what shorting is, kudos. Read along anyway we can’t all be perfect (except maybe for Leonardo Dicaprio and Adriana Lima you handsome beautiful devils).

What is shorting a stock? It’s betting and trading against the grain essentially. Instead of hoping, praying and crossing your fingers that the stock goes up, you’re grasping your lucky (insert here) betting that it’ll fall in price. You borrow (borrow) shares from a brokerage.

Once the price falls you close out your position (cover) and keep the difference. First things first is that your said brokerage has to have the shares available to short in the first place. And how you find that out is for example Suretrader will display it as an available option viewable from your “action” menu (includes actions like buy, sell, limit buy etc). You can set electronically controlled commands such as covering at a given price or what’s known as a trailing stop in which it follows your commands before actually covering first. We do not use these but if you’re uncomfortable and not too adept YET make use of it. (Aka covering your six)

Keep in mind that there are very little brokerages that will have shares a lot of the time we like to visit SureTrader and Interactive Brokers for those hard to find gems. Higher priced stocks can be more easily available from more traditional brokerages such as TD Ameritrade.

Let us know how you find the trading platform features and tools.

Go Be A Maven

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Day Trading: Beginners Profit Over $10K With Free Trial



As our free trial comes to a close we are not only thankful for those who are staying on as members but also are left with incredible insight as to how powerful real life perseverance and peer to peer engagement can really be.

Our introductory email explained that we didn’t want for them to actually jump in and trade just like that (there was a method to our madness).

We stressed how it was favorable that they learn first and do what’s called “paper trading” first (practice trading without real money that can be done on an excel spreadsheet or a book or even online via td Ameritrade).

While there were some whom were more experienced than others (8 of them went on to make a combined total of $10k in profits!).Our ultimate goal was to offer the trial not only as a means to show how so many of you can truly learn to make real money but most importantly as a means to begin learning about this often misconstrued business AND without having to pay those crazy prices charged by people who simply repeat textbook crap and charger hundreds of dollars. (One member told us he paid $500 for a “course” that upon further examination was a regurgitation of Day Trading for Dummies book available online……you just can’t make this stuff up).

We tried our absolute best to actively respond to everyone who reached out with questions and feedback, integrating some of that content into their daily watchlists. In total there were 12 groups comprised of roughly 10-15 people and we wanted to say thank you to everyone who came and learned and even those who profited!

We want you all to know that we will put your feedback into action and that we will be growing once again. For example; It became evident that there was need to archive some of our articles and have them readily available in a more efficient manner for you guys so look out for that as well.

We are also saying thank you to those who signed up via the free trial with a thank you in the form of 20% off of your yearly membership. There is nothing you guys need to do on your part we have already applied the discount and you’ll see the price adjustments shortly.
For new members to be eligible you’d have to email us with the phrase “BeAMaven” to qualify.

Congratulations again to everyone, it’s going to be an amazing year ahead!

Go Be A Maven


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Porsche 911 Carrera 4S: A Perfect Way To Start Off 2014




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Spa Castle: A Great Home Office!


For all of our subscribers and all of you whom visit this site we WANT you to push, push your talents forward.

This week Katriel Calderon was introduced to this wonderful place named Spa Castle in College Point, Queens by Sahara restaurant owner John Serpin.

For two days this became wonderful home away from home and home office. Once you’ve established a great system, let it take it’s course and get creative with your days. It makes the experience of worrying about every aspect of your business so much more rewarding.

Go Be A Maven



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