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How To Fully Charge An iPhone 6 In 15 Minutes

Originally posted on Abogado Aly:
Could a breakthrough battery pack transform iPhone charging? from Forbes – Business via Abogado Aly Business Consulting

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High household debt could trigger recession, experts warn

Originally posted on Montreal Gazette:
What could be the next flashpoint for a recession in Canada?  Some point to the country’s record accumulation of household debt, which leaves consumers dangerously…

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Teamwork and emotional intelligence.

Originally posted on Apollo's sheets:
Along the last four months I have learned a lot about teamwork. And even more: international teamwork, which is not an easy task. I…

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The evolution of strategy by Sir Lawrence Freedman

Originally posted on Elias on tech, business and everything else…:
What does the renowned professor of War Studies at King’s College London advise Business Strategists to do? Which are the…

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Mysterious Black Stealth Ship Prowls San Francisco Bay, A Harbinger Of Yachting’s Future

Originally posted on CBS San Francisco:
SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Yachts are supposed to be white, so when a dark, angular, $33 million stealth ship pulls up at a…

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Secrets Of The 30 Under 30: How To Succeed When You’re Still In Your Twenties

Originally posted on Abogado Aly:
Members of Forbes 30 Under 30 list share some of the secrets of their success at an event in Las Vegas. from Forbes – Business…

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How to Be A Maven: Be Comfortable With Being Odd

* photo courtesy: online Editing courtesy: mavens_table* At first, being odd is construed as opposite of what’s “right”, you’re ostracized and left peering through a window because you’re deemed different, … Continue reading

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How To Be A Maven: Choose Quality Over Quantity

* photo courtesy of Mr Good Life Photography, Edit Via @Mavens_Table * We’ve all met someone who’s walking around with a $2,000 purse with $20 in it, a squad of … Continue reading

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How To Be A Maven: Think Beyond Your Limits

*photo credit Mr Good Life photography, edit via @ThinkGrowRich and @Mavens_Table* You’d laugh if a 15 year old told you he was starting his own business, well that 15 year … Continue reading

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How To Be A Maven: Procrastination Kills Imagination

*photo source unknown* custom edit by Mavens Table Thoughts and Words are as important as actions will ever be, how often have you heard someone say “I had that idea!” … Continue reading

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