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Startups and Successes: Maven Monday Spotlight

GOOOOOD July folks!

This month we are closing July with a Stylist who has ventured into many areas of the fashion world with an open mind and even better spirit. This month we’re happy to feature Kristyana Herrera who began as a personal assistant, she took a HUGE risk and began her styling career by taking on one of the fashion worlds hardest and almost unthinkable demographic……business executives.



Name: Kristyana Herrera

Age: 28

Occupation: Fashion Stylist/E-Boutique Owner

My Story: I’ve been a fan and into the NYC fashion scene since i can remember but really became involved in 2004. I found out about the School Of Style online and attended some of their seminar classes in NY where you learn the ropes of the fashion styling business. From there I was able to connect with other well known NY Stylists and assist them on their projects (editorial, and personal styling). I got the chance to have been mentored by Jess Zaino and also to work along side with a big editorial stylist (Lesslie Lessin) on the Fall Levis campaign. After that I’ve been working behind the scenes of some truly exciting events, shows and campaigns such as The Knot Magazines’ runway shows which has also spontaneously resulted in dressing several high level executives in NYC and Miami, my most recent passion and venture are the launch of my luxury avant grade fashion e-commerce boutique.

Trigger Point: I started as a personal assistant where for numerous years i was adding my own flair and style to my supervisors, their style was too stuffy and looked too much like they were copying what everyone else was doing. I almost by mistake began reorganizing wardrobes and styling executives for charity events and other functions. I found that people were really interested and loving my style and the fun spin i brought to a boring black tie event or gala.

Favorite Quote: “It’s better to be looked over than overlooked.” -Mae West and I’m sure somewhere out there he’s going to laugh but “Never gave in, Never gave up, I am the only thing I am afraid of” -Kanye West




Check her out on Instagram @kristyana_h as well as her all new website KlosetByKristyana.com


Want to be featured? Email us for more info

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How to build your brand with social media


It’s finally here! We’ve been developing amazing futures for all of our subscribers but now we’ve created this awesome go to guide for you named “Tag You’re It – How to successfully build your brand with social media”

We pre released it last night via social media for our awesome followers but also to drive the point that you have to meet your customer halfway, the days where you “build it and they shall come” are no longer the rule of thumb.

Today in age businesses are throwing their “best” at us with their social media efforts but let’s be honest….how much do we really like it? Take for example when we are on YouTube, who sits there and watches all of those commercials that play before the video??

For pre release sales shoot us an email at themavenstable@gmail.com $4.99 is pennies compared to the strong foundation packed into this EBook.

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Entrepreneur Mindset: Ask and You Shall Receive


Way too often we hear people say “I don’t ask for much” and “all I want is”
Life and fortune will only reward you with what you ask of it…..ask for a dollar…you’ll either get or find a way to get that dollar…..ask for $1million….well you get it by now right?

Too often we choose to settle because we are somehow conditioned to think that if we ask for too much then we stand the risk of getting nothing at all. What is too much??

Is Bill Gates pushing his luck for wanting to change the way computer software was distributed? Was Steve Jobs a gluttonous bigot for wanting to revolutionize personal computers…or digital music?

The minute you begin asking for things and conditions with the right tact, that’s wen you’ll begin to notice the changes in your results and your luck.

Try it…..what’s the worst that can happen?

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Happy Fourth of July: A La Maven

Bbqs are flaming hot, beers are artic cold, family and friends are cheering to getting together and there’s even an amazing World Cup game happening in the background (Brazil vs Colombia!).

Yet there’s one toast, one celebration that is often overlooked but is the most important, FREEDOM.


Take today as an opportunity to wear your freedoms proudly, the freedoms of passion of dreams and experiences that are afforded to us not only as Americans but as human beings. As mushy as it may sound we need to remind ourselves and those we care for that as crazy as times can get there is always freedom. And it’s up to you to use it or ignore, there’s no rollover minutes like a cellphone plan only the lives we (choose to) lead.

Many of you have seen our Mavens Monday features for June and we hope you’ve taken their sacrifices and tenacity to heart. After all it’s their pursuit for freedom that lead them to where they are today. And a lot like those before and those to come, pursuing our freedoms will never be easy nor pleasant but that shouldn’t make them any less desirable.

Today while you’re toasting to the holiday….take two seconds….close your eyes and picture what your freedom looks like……then go out and grab it.

Go Be A Maven




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Startups and Successes: Maven Monday Spotlight

This month has been an amazing one! We launched our all new Maven Mondays and between the responses and emails we couldn’t be happier to help shed some light on the true method to the top.

Last but never least this month we are spotlighting  the quintessential jet setter Rashida of the UK.


Name: Rashida Omar

Age: 22

Occupation: Entrepreneur (Global Distribution)

My Story: I always had a desire for change and the unknown and always refused to settle. I was always an A student but instead of pursuing a degree like my peers i instead got myself into an apprenticeship position and worked my way up working for virtually nothing at times. in 2013 i finally took life into my own hands and launched my business and haven’t looked back since.

Trigger Point: Growing up my mother was a single parent to four and suffered from health problems, she somehow made ends meet, at an early age i believed that i could change our reality or die trying.

Favorite Quote: “A vision is not just a picture of what could be; it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more”



Rashida Omar is from the UK and can be reached at rashidaomar.fln@gmail.com and via Instagram @genevaomar

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Entrepreneur Productivity: Image ISNT Everything


If all you see is “team no sleep” “up grinding” and whatever else sounds similar on your Instagram/Facebook/twitter/tumblr timeline chances are they’re working a job and not developing a future.

It’s super simple to trade hours for dollars, if you’re reading this chances are you’re either a maven or a maven in training…..we aren’t meant to repeat mind numbing tasks over and over hoping for a better future (remember the definition of insanity).

“Those who boast the most, hold the least”

Expand your circle to those whom pursue opportunity, growth, and stimulation in every sense of the word. Not those who boast unnecessarily and proclaim greatness online all the while complaining about their day job in person.

Go Be A Maven

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Startups and Successes: Maven Monday Spotlight

We have been having a stellar month thus far bringing you some of the most hungry Mavens trailblazing and making a name for themselves, with this being our launch month we are bringing you one each week, after this we will be doing a monthly feature.

Today we bring you the debonair and versatile Bijan Zamanian. 



Name: Bijan Zamanian

Age: 29 years old

Occupation:Designer/ Operations Elevee Lifestyle

Big Break: Hmmm…I won’t consider having my “big break” until I am the biggest and baddest Bespoke designer in the game. Some already consider me great….but its not enough for me…not yet.

Trigger Point: After working on Wall St in finance for over 3 years I decided to quit, put all of my savings in developing a men’s boutique and start and design my own clothing line…..things went bust after some time but i always kept my plans active. This later evolved into me designing custom clothing while working a day job until i risked it all again, today I’m dressing some of the most successful businessmen and NFL and NBA athletes..traveling from NYC to Connecticut to Penthouses. I decided to hone and chase my passion.

Favorite Quote: “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”― Ralph Waldo Emerson




Store/Showroom located at 8 West 38th St. (bet. 5th & 6th) in NYC.  

By Appointment only –bijan.zamanian@elevee.com

Instagram @BijanBespoke


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